Micah Black on Listen Out

Micah Black is a household name when it comes to great Perth DJ’s. Since the early 90’s, he’s been putting on parties and bringing the best beats to every show he plays. Half of Black & Blunt, Micah holds a residency at Ambar, co-hosts Full Frequency on RTR FM 92.1 and is a solid feature on every festival line up. On top of that he has been awarded Top Breakbeat DJ in the Perth Dance Music Awards for the last 10 years and took out WA’s number DJ in the INTHEMIX Top 50 Awards four years running.

Micah brings the party and guarantees to get everyone dancing at all times. When he’s playing, he obviously has the best time which really comes through each and every set he plays. Whether he’s killing it in the DJ booth at Ambar, getting people crazy at Breakfast, or making people dance around in the sand at Southbound, Micah know’s what he’s doing and how to get everyone going. Having played at Listen Out in both 2013 and 2014, Micah is a likely favourite to head up the local acts that are yet to be added to this years lineup.


How many years have you been DJing?

A long, long, long time!!

Where’s your favourite place to play?

With all honesty, it’s Ambar. I’ve played in heaps of places around the world and it’s still the best booth and vibe!

What’s your favourite tune to drop at a festival?

Right now, anything by Skapes!

Do you prefer playing at clubs or festivals?

 They are both so different it’s hard to pick a favourite. Club sets are all about intimacy and the journey. Festivals are all about going large and maximum impact.

What was DJing at Listen Out like?

It was heaps of fun!! I was booked to play a classic UK Garage set so it was really fun to drop all those classic tunes and stick to a genre.

What makes Listen Out different to other festivals?

The music is always so damn upfront. All the artists are acts that blowing up at that moment.


Why do you love Listen Out?

‘Cos it goes against the grain of the other touring festivals in Australia, it’s all about smaller + cooler = better!

What would you say to someone who was going to Listen Out for the first time this year?

Bring a jacket.

What artist (apart from you, obviously) totally killed it last year?

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, set of the day IMHO!!

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Rae Sremmurd

Given the chance, would you play again this year?



The guys at Boomtick have put together an awesome Listen Out playlist on Spotify. Have a listen.

Listen Out is touring Australia in September at hits Ozone Reserve, Perth on September 27th
Final release tickets are available here and more information can be found here.

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