Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Perth is screaming for something different. While there are hosts of amazing venues, everyone wants something new and different and Luke and Alex from Metric Promotions, the guys that pull together Wonderland, Father and Cheek are about to open the doors to Perth’s newest live music venue; Jack Rabbit Slim’s.

The 1950’s looking venue will combine music, food and the ultimate hang out places, in one of the coolest looking venues around.

Luke explained what they’re trying to do and what the party people of Perth can expect.

jac rabbit slims

Jack Rabbit Slim’s is different to anything Perth has. What can people expect?

I guess, first and foremost, what we set out to do with this project was to create the best multi-functional gig space that Perth has to offer, with a leading sound and lighting system. So if we’ve done our job right, people can expect that!

Other than that, they can expect a retro diner styled small bar as the enter the venue complete with a rad fries menu with gourmet sauces and shakers combos and alcoholic milkshakes to wash it down. Once you’ve found your way out of the diner into the band room, you’ll see some pinball machines and arcade games before you come across the stage and dancefloor area. If this all gets a bit much, you might find yourself on the bleachers checking out our mural wall by the very talented Sean Morris. Upstairs we’ve created a caged viewing platform/hang out area complete with our grandma’s furniture. Oh, during all this there’ll probably be some amazing band or electronic act killing it on stage.

How was the concept created?

I’m not 100% sure to be honest. We’ve been promoting gigs for about 5 or 6 years now, and we’ve always wanted to have our venue. We’ve worked with nearly every venue in Perth at some stage so have a really good idea of what was lacking in Perth and what we’d love from a venue, as both a punter and a promoter. I think Alex Paioff (co-director) and I were driving to Bunbury when we came up with the concept and thought it’d be awesome if you could get food in a nightclub, so you didn’t have to find some seedy kebab shop after you’ve had a few drinks. We also wanted a space where you could see some great gigs, whether that be electronic or live bands, in a mid size room now that The Bakery has shut its doors.

What do you want to give the people of Perth?

Something to make the Eastern states jealous.

11745898_545430692280461_8947351000625336600_n (1)
Where does the name come from?

It’s the name of the famous twist dance contest in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Why does Perth need another venue? What will be different about JRS’s?

Perth definitely lacks the diversity in licensed venues that you find in other Australian cities and abroad, so the more venue’s, the better, we say! Late night venues are a dying breed also so we’ll be the only mid-sized venue with the potential to open until 5am every night of the week with the capability to have anything from a rock show to a comedy show in Northbridge.

Tell me about the menu, late night booze and late night food? What can I sit and chow down on?

With the help of our friends at The Village Bar in Subiaco we’ve been able to come up with eight premium shaker and sauce combinations all hand made by their talent chef that will be available all night. These range from the “Gran Torino” made from smokey bacon shaker salt with cheesy herb and ranch sauce to the “So Far King Good” which consists of onion, garlic and parsley shaker salt with spicy chipotle sauce. To wash all these down, we have a range of 6 alcohol milkshakes of all your favourite milkshake flavours. Make sure you try the salted caramel shake!

11755664_545149575641906_84291561921242746_n (1)

Why have you incorporated food?

It was something we hadn’t seen done before in a late night venue before, and we really wanted to nail one type of food and make it another selling point of the venue. Who doesn’t feel like some gourmet fries after a few beers?

Parker was known for EDM, what kind of music will be banging until 5am?

We’re programming the Saturday nights ourselves to begin with, so you can expect the best bands and live acts from Australia and beyond before 1am. Expect bands like Hey Geronimo, ASTA, and The Griswolds, who’ve all been getting a lot of attention from Triple J are booking in the opening weeks, with more to be announced soon. After 1am our resident Slim’s Jukebox DJs will be playing indie classics and dancefloor fillers until the wee hours. We’re also putting a big focus on supporting local talent and pushing the two support acts we have on every week. Keep an eye out for Ham Jam, Koi Child, Lilt and GRRL PAL to name a few.

Friday’s are open to external promoters so you never know what you might find! We’re starting off with Friday and Saturday nights but hope to have programming most nights of the week down the track.

Will you be focusing more on DJ’s or performers?

Definitely more on the live muscian and electronic producer end of the spectrum.

What are you most excited about once JRS’s opens?

Getting some sleep! We’re so happy that we’ve had the experience of the team at Boomtick backing our vision and making it all come true in the incredible time frame of 3 weeks. We’re excited about working them, as WA music industry leaders, and mainly just putting on rad shows 🙂

With some great names already on the bill, Jack Rabbit Slim’s looks to be the new hottest thing in Perth. They open their doors this Friday, and stay open until 5am.


Jack Rabbit Slim’s
133 Aberdeen Street, Perth
10pm – 5am

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