ACE Pizza

I don’t care what anyone says; pizza is a girl’s best friend, and ACE Pizza is the equivalent of those parents that’ll let you stay up way after your usual bedtime.


Tucked into the lower end of the Highgate/Mount Lawley Beaufort Street strip, ACE Pizza has cemented itself as one of my favourite places in Perth. It’s been around for a couple of years, but they’ve never let me down, and somehow it just gets better and better. There’s something about ACE. It’s dark and it always feels welcoming. It becomes what you want it to be; whether that’s a restaurant for a 15 deep family dinner or for sitting at the bar alone, eating and drinking the day away. I’m often torn between getting take out or grabbing a booth there and settling in for the evening. They’ve created a venue that feels both like a restaurant and bar and a home at the same time.

pizza OP

When I think about eating pizza, which I do a lot, I need a couple of boxes ticked. In reality, I like my pizza simple; none of this fancy pineapple stuff, thank you. I want a thick and thin base, quality mozzarella, outstanding tomato sauce, herbs and good meat. And ACE nails that. But it’s what comes with the pizza that makes it into something more. It’s about an experience. Beautiful wines, well-crafted cocktails, purposefully chosen beers combined with the rest of the menu. Did you know you can deep fry macaroni cheese? And it’ll be good? And you can eat it with pizza? And meatballs? And have nice wine while feasting on all of that? Enter ACE Pizza, everyone.

pizza donut

Don’t worry, they do more than pizza and deep fried pasta. The menu is well rounded and caters for everyone I’ve ever dined with. Fresh vegetables are a must for me, and they’ve got the seasonal produce thing down pat. Four salads at a pizza restaurant? Well done. As is the trend, everything can be shared or devoured individually. Hats off to the lamb ribs and the gnocchi, and on Thursday’s they’ve launched Death by Donuts. A different donut every week filled with meat, cheese, and complete happiness.

ACE is one of those rare joints that does everything they’ve set out to do well, and they’ve created the perfect neighbourhood restaurant in the process.

ACE Pizza, 448 Beaufort Street, Highgate
Wednesday – Sunday 5.30pm – Late
0499 488 000

image credits: Facebook

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