Ambar alleyOut Night Garden ft. TAIKI NULIGHT

Ambar laneway parties are legendary. The Boomtick crew block off the alley outside Ambar, grab a bar for upstairs, decorate the hell out of it and make sure their guests have the best tunes cranking through the silent disco headphones. On top of that, downstairs is pumping as usual and you can go between the two as you please.


Friday 11 December is the last laneway party for the season and Ambar, it seems, have trumped themselves this time. The line-up for the night includes 25 artists who will be playing throughout the night. TAIKI NULIGHT is headlining and is supported by the following ridiculous crew; Avance, BannGr, Bezwun, Bockman, Boneflip, Confusious, DNGRFLD, ELLICITT, Invoker, Joni Boy, Jordan Scott, Krypsis, Lain, Lifetime Grime, Meet Mark, Micah Black, Miss Demeanour, Mo’Fly, Parakord, Philly Blunt, Pussymittens, Shobu, Tee EL, Yattaman.

That’s a lot to choose from, so here’s some top tips to get your rocks off this Friday.


For the holy love of drum n bass. The Ellicit monster mix 001 is possibly the best thing I have heard in… oh wow. OK. Whatever you do, do not miss this one on Friday. Dirty, earthy, fast and crazy. Ellicit is a journey of happiness. Everything you want. Everything you need.


This year D N G R F L D put together the Breakfest mix and from I can tell, it has blown everyone’s socks off. Listen to it and make sure you get ready to party. Apart from laying down sick beats, Flash and other wicked tunes, DNGRLD is DJ of epic proportion. His shows are fun and I love how he plays and the tunes he drops.

Micah Black and Philly Blunt

Not gonna lie. Micah Black and the Philly Blunt have special places in my hearts. These two are no brainers. Always see them when you get the chance, doesn’t matter if they’re playing together or separately, hot damn. Not only are the freaking incredible when they team up, they are fantastic, pioneers of the music industry and they are bloody good at what they do. They always bring the party. And often Genuine. And sometimes Backstreet Boys.

Miss Demeanour

This chick and her DJ skills make me all warm and fuzzy. Her Soundcloud is my happy place and I swear, there is a mix for every occasion. She works closely with a lot of the other DJ’s like DNGRFLD and is without a doubt a MUST. SEE.


Damn. If you haven’t seen Pussmittens play, you need to jump on it. Her last Japan 4 resident mix has sat on my regular playlist for months and it makes me smile, bop and get down every time. She plays with house and great beats and it makes me think of summer, sunshine and good times.


Dirty. Oh, so, dirty. Seconds of listening to these mixes on Soundcloud have made me want to get low, get grinding and get loose. Some of it can be quite harsh, it’s not for the faint hearted, but who wants that? Get in there and get down. And the Hiline mix? Oh, baby. Come. At. Me.


Friday will go off, sell out and be the party of the year. Tickets available here.


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