Philly Blunt on Breakfest

Philly Blunt is an Ambar decks regular, RTRfm presenter, and all round killer DJ. He has created and pioneered many long-standing events and nights in Perth and has a love for crazy beats, good times and great tunes.

At Breakfest ’15, P.Blunt will be teaming up with long-time DJ partner in crime, Micah Black and taking to the stage as Black & Blunt. The boys are well known for their fun sets, good times, well orchestrated mixes and their use of tracks you might not expect to hear (like Pony or even Backstreet Boys, if the time is right). Each and every set they play is filled with a great crowd, laughter, on point tunes and awesome dance moves.

If you watch Mr Blunt when he’s behind the decks, he is completely immersed but you tell he’s having the time of his life, especially at Breakest. Philly broke down why it’s such a great event and what he’s looking forward to this year.


Tell me about how you first got involved in Breakfest as a DJ?

I’d been playing and promoting at Ambar for a little while and finally got the call to come do a set with my good friend Mono Lisa.

How many years have you been attending, as just a regular Joe?

Haven’t missed one 😉

Why do you keep coming back?

Now because they pay me – j/k. It’s the best festival of the year, not only the music and an appreciative (and good sized) crowd, but the venue is second to none – you’re not crammed against a barrier, you can dance in space in the moonlight with your buddies.

PH insta

It must be a really different experience being a regular punter at the event vs. playing there. Do you still get to have a good a time now you’re playing, or is it better?

I always have a great time, now I’ve been around for a minute; it’s an awesome day to catch up with loads of crew from the scene, young and old, all in the one spot.

Has the music changed much over the years?

Yes and no. I think evolved would be a better way to describe it. There is always some bangin’ breaks being played, just as they were the first time round, but now the festival (as well as breakbeat and dance music in general) incorporate so many more styles and sounds into any genre. But you are guaranteed to hear some dirty, funky ass breaks on the day, that’s for sure.

What makes it so special? Why do you think it’s always such a success?

See qu 3 🙂 It’s a lot about the atmosphere and vibe of the day. It’s large enough to lose yourself, but no so large you lose your friends or your mind. The music is always spot on, and flows well throughout the day, and as the sun goes down the bowl erupts into mayhem. Being down the front and looking back up at it all is a sight to be seen.

yum cha.jpg

There’s a massive local line-up, do you think that attributes to the success of the event?

Definitely, not only do we have a wealth of super talented people here in WA, but the community vibe that flows through all the DJs that play at all the Boomtick venues and events is one of the things that keep a scene alive and strong.

Which local act are you most looking forward to seeing?

Beatslappaz have had another big year and are always bringing the fiyah in the studio and behind the decks, so I’m keen to see what they have in store for us.

Who from the main line up can’t you wait to see?

So many artists… Sleepy Tom I’ve been a fan of for ages and never caught him, so he’s up there. Wuki is one of my fave producers of the past few years and a great dude, and Danny Byrd should bring the party.

black and blunt.jpg

If you could totally curate the line-up for next year, who would be on it?

Wow, that’s tough… I’ll narrow it down to one seminal breaks artist that’s never toured Australia – DJ Icey. Other than that – too many to mention!

You and Micah will be tearing it up, as you always do. What’s the process for you two putting your set together and what can we expect?

We generally don’t plan anything apart from having a chat beforehand and as we go. We do a weekly radio show on RTRFM and have been playing together for so long we know where the other is doing… generally.

If there’s one person on the line-up that a Breakfest virgin should check out, who is it?

Black & Blunt!

Breakfest is being held Boxing Day, 26 December, 2015 at Belvoir Amphitheatre.
Tickets and info about Breakfest can be found by clicking the lineup.

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