2015 in review

2016 is here and it comes with a host of events, festivals, gigs, bars, performances and meals to enjoy. Before everyone dives headlong into the 2016 arts season, it’s time to look back at 2015 and the best things about the year!


There were over 7,000 views and over 5,000 visitors to The Mod Blog this year. Thank you so much to everyone who headed over and checked it out.

The Mod Blog facebook page was launched in January and has reached over 700 likes! Thanks to everyone who likes the page and checks it out to read the new posts.

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My best picks

Best meal

I have eaten some really fantastic meals this year, but the stand out has to be Mary’s. Why? Find out here.


Best drink

This is really hard, but I’d have to say that Mechanic’s probably served up the best drinks for me this year. I find myself at that place two-plus times a week, I can’t get enough of it. Here’s why.


Best performance (theatre)

I saw a lot of theatre this year but two performances really stood out for me. Dinner, by Black Swan Theatre Company, was funny, engaging and had a great twist to end off the show. Women of Letters, presented by Perth Theatre Company, was such an honest performance, I felt honoured to be a part of it.


Best performance (music)

Live music is something that I hold very dear, and I cannot go past the outstanding performances that The Amity Affliction and co gave on their Big Ass Tour. Without a doubt, the best gig of the year!

joel emity

Best interview

There’s been more of a focus on talking to performers about why they’re doing what they’re doing and this year, Philly Blunt was a pleasure to talk to about Breakfest and why it’s such an incredible thing to be involved with.



What’s coming up


This weekend I am heading to Southbound to keep you up to date on performances, food, drinks, camping shenanigans and everything else in between.


Check out The Mod Blog Facebook page, my Instagram and Twitter for updates during the weekend, and head here during the week for the full run down.


Fringe is almost here and I will be getting down and dirty at all of the shows I can manage. Check in for reviews, interviews and photos of the third largest Fringe Festival in the world.



At the end of January, I’ll be heading to Melbourne for a week and will be grabbing drinks and food at some of me favourite spots. Check back in February to find out where I love, and why!


Happy New Year and thanks for reading The Mod Blog!

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