DJ Genga on Southbound

Southbound hits Busselton in two days and WA is raring and ready to go. Genga, who you may know from sets at Ambar, Listen Out, Amplifier, Lost Society, The Aviary, Urban Orchard and many, many other places around WA is taking to the Silent Disco stage Friday through Sunday and is pretty excited about what is on offer.


What made you first want to get involved with Southbound?

I made the trip down for the first time last year and despite the heat turning my poor ginger body into a furnace, had one of the most enjoyable experiences of my summer there.

What can we expect for your set each day?

As always, I try to keep my sets as fun and broad as possible being the late shift in the silent disco you can expect plenty of sing-alongs, booty poppin’ jams, mashup party bass and a plethora of stupid dancing from myself.

You are smashing across the three days of Silent Disco at Southbound this year, what do you love about Silent Disco?

The ability of play anything and everything. There’s no limit on what you can play in there as if the crowd isn’t enjoying it, they can switch channel. It’s always fun having some friendly rivalry with your mates DJing on the other channels as well.

Who do you think is most likely to steal your listeners? 

I’ll be going up against two of my good mates Shann and Invoker, who both know how to hold down a party, and some other local legends I haven’t met as yet. But I look forward to partying with and playing against them, it’s always a good laugh to see who can steal one anothers punters!


Why do you think the Silent Disco at Southbound is so successful?

Silent discos everywhere seem to draw the masses. Why, though? I’m not sure. Something about blocking out the rest of the world and dancing like an idiot must appeal to people, though. And hey, as long as people are having fun, I’m not arguing.

When you’re not playing but you’re groovin’ away at the Silent Disco, who will you be supporting?

Coconut club is gonna be taking up a large part of my time supporting many of the local legends and interstaters. I’m very glad to see both Kilter and Paces are playing more than once, as Foals are definitely on my hit list. Will be sure to check out Micah as well that man always knows how to bring a party.

What do you think of the new Friday night format at Southbound?

Very keen to see how it goes. I’ll be making sure I’m getting down early and supporting the guys playing Friday though!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing play each day? 

Funk Club. Foals. Bloc Party.


There are lots of local acts – who’s your must-see local artist?

Micah Black.

What do you love about Southbound? 

Getting out of Perth for a weekend of sun, fun, and silliness always appeals to me. Waking up in a sweaty tent and all.

Is there someone on the line up that you’ve been wanting to see for a while?

I’ve never had the chance to watch Paul Kelly, and he’s always been on my hitlist, so hopefully I’ll tick that box of this weekend.

 What non-music related part of Southbound are you most looking forward to?

Spending a weekend away camping alongside some great friends down south. I may even go for a swim in the beach.

Any advice for any Southbound newbies?

Stay hydrated. Water. Water. Water. Also, stay sun safe out there. It’s not just us gingers that get burnt!


Southbound descends on Busselton from Friday, 8th January – Sunday 10th January. More information and tickets can be found here.


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