Fringe World 2016 Top Tips

Fringe World is back in 2016 and it is bigger and better than ever. Now standing as the third biggest Fringe event in the world, the 3000 plus performance event has something for everyone and I am excited.

What to see? With over 700 shows across 159 venues, it can be hard to work out where to begin. Look no further! header


Le Gateau Chocolat – Icons

London-born Nigerian, Le Gateau Chocolat will give you a firsthand insight into his life as a performer and how he manages both his personal and professional personalities. Music, laughter and intimacy, Le Gateau will give you a surprising understanding of what it’s like to have a stage persona, accompanied by an extremely pleasant and exciting soundtrack featuring everything from pop to opera.

After killing his performances a couple of years ago, he’s back and this is a show that will engage, surprise and wow you.

De Parel Spiegeltent, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge
Fri Jan 22 – Sun Jan 31
, From $28

Rhys Nicholson

Comedian Rhys Nicholson is a bit offensive, quite funny and super awkward. Thankfully his stand-up shows bring forward the funny and that just helps the awkward. His new show (and WA premier) ‘Work in Progress 2016’ will be a sarcastic, satirical exploration of whatever the hell has come into his head. Which is usually pretty hilarious.

Laksa Lounge at Noodle Palace
Thurs Feb 18 – Sat Feb 20
From $20

Frisky and Mannish

People’s relationships are some of the most entertaining things in the world and Frisky and Mannish will entertain you for hours and hours.

Sexy. Funny. Silly. Cringeworthly. Musical. Clever. You will get every one of those things at these shows. They’ve even bought some new original songs with them. The British duo bounce off each other brilliantly and you’ll leave probably wanting to put them in your pockets and keep them for your own.

The West Australian Spiegeltent
Tues Feb 2 – Tues Feb 9
From $20

Australia’s Funniest Shorts

Short films. Short sketches. Lots of laughs. Created by some of the country’s best, this is an accumulation of shorts for comedy lovers.

Freo Royal, Navy Club, 64 High Street, Freo
Thurs Feb 4 – Sat Feb 6
From $12

La Soiree

It’s just not Fringe without La Soiree. Back for an extended season, and holding performances on all by four days for the entire program. This year, it’s even got its own Spiegeltent. That’s how important it is. La Soiree is the best cabaret you’ll see around and it’s time to get in and strap down for an impressive night of laughter, shock and sexiness.

La Soiree Spiegeltent
Fri Jan 22 – Sun Feb 21 (ex. Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8 and Feb 15)
From $35

600 Seconds

A lot can happen in 600 seconds. Who will you see? A professional actor? A newbie? A comedian? A ballerina? Who knows. But take a chance. Anything can happen in 600 seconds.

The Blue Room Theatre
Tues Feb 2 – Sat Feb 6
From $25



There are some seriously good places to find a show, have a drink, get some food or just hang out. As Fringe gets bigger and better, so do their hospitality venues and this year, they’ve outdone themselves.

Hit any of these up for a good time. You can find music, DJ’s, heaps of shows and it’s guaranteed you’ll find someone you know who’s ready to party.

Noodle Palace

Atop Central TAFE, Noodle Palace goes off and is ready to party like it’s…. well, 2016. More food, more shows and a great party atmosphere. It’s on.

Pleasure Gardens

Taking over Russel Square as one of the main hubs, this is where to be a part of the action. Perfect for dinner, a drink, a date, or as a way to escape from the bustle of life.

Fringe World Fairground

Family fun times. The Fringe world Fairground is taking over Elizabeth Quay and it is filled with everything you could ever want. Food? Yep. Booze? Yep. Urban Roller Club? Tick. Literally smashing everything out of the park!

Fringe World Orchard

The original Fringe hub has grown and developed over time and now has almost everything you’ll need. Shows. Food. Booze. Silent disco. And a great view of the city. It’s pretty perfect.

Top tips

fringe world.jpg

Happy with a bit of a lucky dip? Hit up Rush Tix in Northbridge for heavily discounted tickets. Each day the Fringe World team carefully pick shows on that day and give their Perthites the chance to get their hands on cheap tickets. Sometimes they’re even like $5 cheap. You can’t go past that.

Not sure how/why/where? Head down to one of the main Northbridge hubs and get a feel for Fringe. Grab a drink at the Pleasure Gardens, Noodle Palace or the Urban Orchard. Wander through the Cultural Centre and you’ll work out what you like in seconds. The place fills up with people and performers and there’s always someone promoting a show.

Use the program. The online program is your friend. You can sort by UV rating, suitability, date or genre. There’s also a ‘Homegrown’ section to help you focus on the collection of WA artists. You can also buy tickets online meaning you can avoid any pesky queues.

This piece was published by six thousand. Read it here.

Photo credits Fringe World website and Facebook

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