10 Reasons to see Loaded, A Double Bill Of New Plays

Loaded, A Double Bill Of New Plays is presented by Black Swan Theatre Company and features some of WA’s brightest, budding young theatre folk. Straight outta WAAPA, these guys command the stage, make you laugh and get you right in the feels.


Loaded runs until Sunday 7 February and is an exploration of young relationships, violence, manipulation and people dealing with experiences way that no one should have to endure.

With only six nights left to catch the performance, here are 10 reasons to get your tickets and get Loaded.

  1. Girl Shut Your Mouth tells a story that you need to hear.

    It comments on the world that young women live in, in war-torn countries and puts it in a Western setting. It’s harsh. It’s in your face. It’s honest. And it’s actually really well done.

  2. You want to hate Jessica Paterson. But you love her.

    Paterson is a great protagonist. She reels you in and pushes you away and makes you angry, but you just feel for her.

  3. It’ll make you feel.

    This story is emotive and demonstrates the absolute despair and horror that people feel when in these situations. The juxtaposition between how you imagine the lives of these people to be and the obvious importation of Western culture makes it more real, more relatable.


  4. The cast is really well chosen.

    The girls tell the story beautifully and show you exactly what it’s like to be a young girl; the internal battles, the bitchiness, the need to prove yourself when you’re the most scared you ever been.

  5. It tells a story much more complex than young female relationships.

    The comments of the refugee crisis that is happening around the world are poignant. The exploration of their feelings and the situation around them is well executed and is a stark reminder that this could be happening to anyone, anywhere.

  6. TONSILS + TWEEZERS will make you laugh

    The boys are funny. Their conversation is so relaxed, you feel involved in the jokes. It’s very cleverly written and was quickly swept away in their banter.

  7. Megan Wilding’s role is odd, but she nails the abstract comedian.

    I wanted more of her, she made me laugh that much. Her fleeting entrances and the later engagement with Adam Sollis made me smile and added a really valued lightheartedness to the performance.

    t nt 2.jpg

  8. Don’t think you’re getting out of this without more feels.

    This is a funny production, but only to mask the sadness of what has occurred.
    Once the reality of what went on has hit you.

  9. People need to understand that these behaviours are how the “boys club” is created.

    This stuff actually happens. Hazing. People doing anything to be accepted.
    Bullying at school is also an issue that people just don’t want to talk about – but we need to. There is a really big “boys club” culture in Perth, it’s reminiscent of the UK and the US and it can cause a big issues and moves towards an even more class focused society.

    The need to fit in, especially at that age, can be all consuming.

  10. It’s worth your time.

    The performances explore some pretty harrowing topics, but they make them so accessible that it promotes conversation. While the two lacked some links, they highlight some really important issues.

    On top of that, this is your chance to see some of WA’s up and coming theatre professionals in stripped back performances. That in itself is a bit of a rarity.


Loaded is showing now until February 7 at Studio Underground as part of Fringe World.
Tickets and more info are available here


GIRL SHUT YOUR MOUTH by Gita Bezard, directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler
Featuring: Shalom Brune-Franklin, Brittany Morel, Stephanie Panozzo, Jessica Paterson

TONSILS + TWEEZERS written and directed by Will O’Mahony
Featuring: Adam Sollis, Lincoln Vickery, Megan Wilding, Hoa Xuande.

Set & Costume Designer: Laurie Cullen-Tait,  Lighting Designer: Mark Howett, Assistant Lighting Designer: Chris Donnelly,  Sound Designer: Joe Lui

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