2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick

This punny show is not what I expected. Magic and comedy are a common find, but one that should be carefully executed. Thankfully, 2 Ruby Knockers just that.


This mix of puns, jokes, self-review and audience participation is surprisingly engaging. Sold-out over four nights and hosted at the new Flaming Locomotive in Northbridge, is nowhere near as cheesy as I was expecting. It’s easy, it’s funny and super enjoyable.

He tells the story of a “jaded dick,” Dirk Darrow, a 1930’s private detective, on the hunt to solve a crime. Of course, there is more to the story and during his escapades of murder, whiskey, and snitches, he is drawn to an alluring, mysterious woman; Ruby Knockers. Who is she? What does she know? How is she involved? As he tells his story, he weaves jokes and magic tricks into this fast-paced explanation of people and places, at all times, maintaining an American accent that begs you to smile.

His character is charismatic, not as jaded as his wishes possibly. As he played with the audience, both in magical and participation formats, I moved from extremely skeptical to impressed. And much faster than I expected to.

Working with audience participation can be tricky, especially if your new co-hosts (or victims) aren’t willing to engage properly. Thankfully, this audience did and it made the mood – and the performance – lighter and created an air of wonder, encouraging all to be involved and get behind the tricks and the story.

The hour-long show is easy to relax into, and his tricks were clever. One to check out when you get the chance, but it seems that you’ll have to wait until next round.

More information about 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick can be found here

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