Fringe World: DIVA

Sadness is undeniable, and the business that is show can be harrowing and hard. DIVA tells the story of a sad, lonely, slightly insane woman, who has lost everything; her husband, her lovers, her cat (although he has been immortalised), her career, and her grasp on reality.


Meet June. June, with her beautiful blone hair and a her sexy underwear, god she would have been a stunner in her day. But did you know that once, she was an Opera singer? I know. We are in the midst of royality.

Sometimes, people’s lives are sad and there’s nothing that can be done. DIVA is a story of just that. It’s a story of love and loss and self-reflection and how all of those things combined can be tragic.

June, the Opera singer, talks to us (and her stuffed cat Eugine) about her life, her lovers, her losses, her career, and her experiences. She ranges from happy, to sad, to manic and is desperatel scared of her phone ringing.

As time goes on, she begins to delve deeper into her life, touching on her absent father, her unsupportive monther, the breakdown of her marriage, the quick end to her career, before finally confiding in us her inability to leave the house.

Her use of props were great, from her ex husband to her cat and her costumes were wonderful. The lavish nature of everything she wore and parts of the set, ofset by the use of cardboard really demonstrated the two parts to her.

While I was watching the performance, and just afterwards, I lacked engagement with the story, but my relationship with the story has grown the more I think about June. She’s cleverly worked her way into my psyche. The performance deals with some issues that may be triggering to some people, but the story she weaves leaves you hopeful. In hindsight, these are issues that many people will deal with every day, and she talk us through them with well written prose and hilarious tones.

Diva is worth watching and is on at The Shambles until the 10th.
Tickets and info are available here



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