Fringe World: The Ruby Red Fatales

ruby red mirror
It’s the middle of the second world war, there are secrets and betrayal everywhere and the bars smell of sweat, smoke and smoldering looks.
The jazz band starts up and soon we are greeted by three beautiful girls; the Ruby Red Fatales. You’re automatically drawn in, you feel like you’re in a dingy jazz cellar, surrounded by spoke and strangers, here you can finally escape from the outside world; the bombs, the fighting, the danger. They’re everything they’ve advertised themselves to be; they’re sexy, they’re sultry and apparently they’ll shoot you down.

Ruby Red Fatales tells the story of three snipers who use their burlesque dancing as a cover to help them assassinate Nazi’s. When approached by a stranger, their leader commander (or talent manager, however, you look at it) decides to let the girls train her up and set her on the prowl. Her first target is a german soldier with questionable intelligence, but a big heart.

The rest of the story should not be ruined, but please note, the show is undeniably worth watching.

The local artists, Paper Haus, have created a funny, sexy, engaging show and everything seems wonderfully deliberate. Every move, every word, every on stage laugh is planned, and executed as if it was natural. The choice of venue, The Ellington, is perfect. The space is a natural representation of where the girls would have practiced their shows in the 1940’s and gives the performance greater credibility.

Bravo to the voices of these girls and the comedic manner of the male parts of the troupe really bought everything together. It seems they are unidentifiable as singular performers, which is a real negative as I would love to hunt these people down and have them sing for me all the time.

The songs were catchy and music was delivered beautifully, by the singers and the band. I am of the assumption that all are originally pieces, but it’s a show shrouded in (possibly) accidental mystery.

Regardless of any mystery, the performance was well rounded, but what finally brought it together for me were the costumes. The intricate details in the girls outfits and how they told a story about each of their personalities was subtle. For a short show, they got through a lot of story, and I felt connected enough to the characters by the end.

Ruby Red Fatales is a fun and easy going show, and it was good be so engaged by a high-quality local show. I felt my time was well spent, rather than feeling like I was missing out on an international act that I must see.

Having been privy to a preview night, I’m sure things may change, but I hope only in the slight tightening of delivery. If you’re looking to be quickly wowed by a voice and slightly swept off your feet by the soothing sounds of cabaret and laughter, this is 50-minute show is definitely for you.

ruby 1.jpg
The Ruby Red Fatales
Ellington Jazz Club
$20 – $25
Friday 12 February – Tuesday 16 February 7pm
Tickets available here

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