10 reasons you should have been at Laneway in Freo

St Jerome’s Laneway returned to Fremantle on Sunday and it came in with a bang.
The line-up was stellar, the set up was good and it was borderline on one of the best events of the year.
If you were there, you know why but if you missed it here are 10 reasons why you should have been at Laneway this year.


  1. The main stage was the biggest highlight.

    I don’t remember the last gig I went to where I was able to set myself up at the main stage and not want to move all day. From Fidlar onwards, every act blew my mind and made me more and more excited to see Chvrchs and Flume. I know there was a host of incredible acts dotting around the other stages, but there was nothing that was taking me away from that stage, post 3pm.

  1. The entire line up

    Each and every artists on the line-up this year had worked to be there, and you could feel that in every performance. It was wonderful. From local artists to bloody big names, the line-up made sense, there was progression between sets and no one stood out as someone I really didn’t want to see or that shouldn’t have been there.


  1. Drinks

    Finally, a festival has got its drinks options sorted. The main bar had its shortfalls relating to options, but the other tents 100% made up for it.

    Absolut, Red Bull, Jameson and Havana all had bars, and there was a craft beer tent. Having so many options made a difference. It also meant that due to the multitude of bars, queues weren’t bad at all. You could walk up to the main bar, get your drink and be sat down again in under four minutes (it was timed at one point)

    Personally, I loved the beer tent. The option to have freshly poured cold beers gave it an even stronger air of summer. There’s nothing like sitting in the sunshine, watching a great band with a beautiful and light beer in your hand.

  1. Food

    Laneway has always been food at catering for everyone and again this year, the food options made sure everyone was happy. The last thing you want is to walk out of an event a bit drunk and hangry and at Laneway this year, no one had to.

    Also, pop-up restaurant? Thank you very much!

  1. No queues

    I don’t think I queued for longer than five minutes to do anything; not to get in, or leave, not to get a drink, I don’t even think I queued that long to get to the toilet. I’ve waited longer to do all of those things in bars, and it showed how well designed this year’s event was.

    Removing that frustration of waiting all day made the day relaxed and gave everyone the opportunity to see the bands they wanted to see (which is why they’re there in the first place)

  1. The people were better this year

    I’m not judging, but Laneway can pull some… interesting folk out of the woodwork. While you don’t get your “turbos” running around, you may be privy to a few of the hipster equivalent.

    This year, people seemed calmer and it was (without wanting to sound like my head is up my arse) more about the music. The kids were more conscientious this year and it was rare to see people splattered with beer, unlike at many other events.

    violent soho.jpg

  1. The vibe

    The weather was perfect; the music was fantastic and it all came together this year.

    The music, drinks, food, people, activities, layout, it all made for a great day. There’s an air of happiness that you can feel at Laneway. I don’t know whether it’s because it comes from grassroots kind of event or whether it’s because you’re surrounded by girls (and guys) who just wanna have fun, but it’s laid back and I love it.

  1. It’s kept it’s community roots

    Where else are you going to go to a festival to have local community representatives speak? While the size of the event expands, organisers are doing everything they can to make sure that it keeps its community feel.

    From using local food vendors, to craft beer tents, to a venue like Freo, they are maintaining a small event feel while producing a large scale event.

  1. The fashion

    It’s like you were slapped in the face with the 90’s. It was awesome.

    Dungarees everywhere. Oversized clothes, big shoes, sunglasses, hats, dresses, shorts. It seems that the Laneway crowd has moved away from tiney tiny shorts and crop tops and has moved into fashion, which is wonderful.

    People looked gorgeous and comfortable, with a slight drop of hippy.

  1. Flume

    After touring overseas and recording a new album, Flume has returned to our shores and reinstated himself as the King of the Headline Set.

    I knew it was going to be good, but my gosh, it was beautiful. Seeming to focus slightly more on his older stuff than new, apart from a couple of killer new bangerz, his set was smooth, dreamy and wonderful.

    flume laneway.jpg

    Changing it up and adding some drumming in, there wasn’t a moment where he didn’t seem to be having as much fun, if not more, than the crowd. Every song he played sent the crowd wild. He knew exactly what we wanted, which song should come next and when to weave in new work to keep us gasping.

    I’ve never doubted it before, but his return to Australia has solidified his ability to write and produce songs and perform them with everything he has.


image credits CrowdViolent Soho, and Flume




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