Ben Catley, What’s Riding?

  1. Ben Catley, the Perth blues and roots, singer-songwriter is hitting up Babushka in Leederville on Saturday, April 2 to launch his new single “What’s Riding”. He’s been recording and releasing tracks for over three years and his new single is about taking chances and working out exactly “what’s riding” on your choices.

ben launch.jpg

What inspired “What’s Riding”?

It was a point in my life when I had a few decisions to make and writing this song acted as a reminder to not think on things too much and just take chances sometimes. I guess that’s why it’s a pretty simple, short and punchy track.

Have your influences changed at all since you last released any tracks?

The same influences are certainly still present, but I think some of my more rock and electronic influences peak through in this track, as well as old school delta blues.

You’ve obviously been writing for a while, how did you write this song? Is that different to other tracks?

Writing this one was a case of sitting down after a long day and it just rolled right out. Lyrics straight to paper and melody straight to mind. It’s really nice when that happens! I didn’t demo it like I normally do, I just got into playing it at shows and refining it a bit along the way.

Do you have a favourite song that you’ve written?

‘What’s Riding’ is up there for sure. Pretty proud of it and it’s great fun to play live. ‘On My Toes’ from my previous EP is probably my favourite though. It’s disguised as a love song, but is actually a dedication to people I know (and don’t) who have been through certain heavy adversities. Quite a heavy subject, but it’s probably my most upbeat track, with a pretty grateful and positive feel.

What’s happening after the launch? Do you have more tracks to come? A tour?

I have a few supports for bands coming up afterwards, which I always enjoy as a solo artist, and planning to start hitting more regional spots and getting around the South West a bit more. Then diving straight into another single or EP.

Have you played at Babushka before? What’s your plan for the launch night?

I haven’t actually. Looking forward to trying to win over some Leederville crew. I have a band joining me for my set too, which is super exciting for me after running solo for the past few years! On the night, we have Turin Robinson and Matt Cal supporting and then Moorditj Brothers closing the night. Pretty honoured to have such a killer line up joining me!

Ben is launching “What’s Riding” at Babushka in Leederville at 19.30pm
742 Newcastle Street, Leederville

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