Breakfast Hunt: Hylin

I am in the process of trying as many new places as I can, especially for breakfast. Not coming back to Hylin in the next couple of weeks is going to be hard.

Arriving for breakfast at 7.15 on a Wednesday morning is always risky business. Will there be a table? Will the food be good? Please, God, I hope the coffee is good! There are many thoughts to be had but thankfully, every scared thought I had was completely brushed away.

hylin takeaway.jpg

Hylin is totally awesome because:

1. There are breakfast options under $10.

Do you know how rare that is? I go out for breakfast every Wednesday with my mother dearest and it is hard for us to find somewhere that doesn’t cost in excess of $50 for the two of us to eat.

I had a bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and basil. It came in at around $7.50 and was scrumptious. Mum had a cheese toastie at approx the same price. Again, freaking yum!

2. Beverages.

The coffee was great, my watermelon, orange and lemon juice was bloody wonderful (fresh, refreshing and the right amount of tart), the smoothie mum had was perfectly balanced and everything was made to order.3. The service.

3. The service.

The team seemed the think the service was a little slow this morning as they apologised for the wait when they served everything. I, on the other hand, thought it was perfectly timed. We were in and out in 30 minutes (which is pretty quick), and we didn’t feel rushed.

bagel hylin.jpg

4. Layout.

The space is filled with tables and chairs of a variety of heights which gives the venue the feeling of business, but doesn’t make you feel cramped. It was busy this morning but there was space to move and it wasn’t too loud either.

5. Food envy.

I do not remember the last time I wish I’d ordered everything that went to another table. The smashed avocado looked divine, I was devastated I hadn’t ordered that (not because my bagel wasn’t smashing, but because I wanted everything). I am aware I get bad food envy, but this was ridiculous.

You can visit Hylin at 178 Railway Parade, Perth 6007.

I originally posted this piece on Yelp. Check it out here


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