Bowery To Williamsburg

Who doesn’t love a bagel, right? I mean, it’s like three slices of white bread in one PLUS they’re yummy and flavoursome and they come in different flavours. Bagels are basically the ultimate bread. Am I right? (I am!)

I came to BTW because it was recommended to me by a Melbourne local. I wanted to have a quick breakfast, a good coffee and get some work done. I loved the venue the second I walked in. It felt very NYC (which I am aware is deliberate), but it wasn’t cheesy or overdone. I set myself up at the communal table and looked over the menu. I was there to get my bagel fix, but I was almost drawn away from the bagels but the other menu. Mezcal cured salmon with zucchini and potato latkes with horseradish, fennel and asparagus? GET IN ME. But I resisted and went with a bagel. (Side note, someone next to me ordered it and looked freaking to die for. Part of me really regrets my decision now.)

Onion bagel with jalapeno and dill schmears with a side of warm smoked salmon, plus a coffee and an apple juice. The juice was totally yum. Pressed is the way to go!


The bagel arrived and it wasn’t what I expected. I wouldn’t say deconstructed (so totally hipster, I know) but it was served so I could build it as I wanted. In theory, that’s awesome because it makes I can have all of the cream cheese, but the downside of that is once I’d had a sip of juice, took a photo or two (I know, I’m THAT person), my bagel had started to harden. I was expecting a bagel loaded with two types of cream cheese and salmon and then toasted, I think I was just expecting something a little different is all.

That being said, it was all very yum and I loaded it up and chomped away as I tried to work, eat, talk to my friend and drink my coffee all at the same time.

The decor and vibe are 100% wicked. If I hadn’t have had a mid-morning appointment, I would have sat there until lunch and then eaten again, just drinking tea and coffee and working away.

Bravo, BTW. You’re killing it.


This review was first published on Yelp. Read it here


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