Late Night Valentine

Late Night Valentine is one of the newest venues to the Beaufort Street Highgate strip. Think cocktail bar, date night venue, food stop, ping pong venue, party space and all round hospitality genius.


I’ve been to Late Night a few times, but I recently went in to try the new menu. Their food is great. Ribs, burgers, hushpuppies, it’s food that’s meant to be paired with good booze and thankfully, LNV has that covered.

The “Room Service” menu consisted of a cauliflower flat bread (yum!), prawn and corn hush puppies (think a fried, battered croquette), lamb ribs, two burgers; a cheese burger and a fried chicken; a smoked corn dawg, and fries. I was in at happy hour so they were doing $10 burgers and fries and had a heap of booze specials too.

I don’t eat a lot of meat so a friend of mine came with me and my god, we were both impressed.

The flat bread was jam packed with flavour. The bread was perfectly cooked and topped with a garlic sauce, red onion and cauliflower. Mate. I have contemplated eating this for every meal of the rest of my life.

The ribs were sticky, succulent and moreish. They were devoured within seconds and had exactly the right balance of fat, meat and sauce.

I got all up in the chicken burger and the chicken was fried to perfection. Crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, the cheese and lettuce complimented the really simple (but effective) burger. The ranch sauce rounded it off and I was won over by a chicken burger, something I really didn’t think could happen.

The final stop were the hushpuppies. Did you know that if you combine prawns and corn and deep fry them, it’s like heaven in your mouth? It really is. Light and fluffy on the inside with this crunchy exterior. Damn.


I know what you could be thinking, that all sounds heavy and a bit oily. But nothing was. The chefs have managed to create a “beer food” menu without making you feel like you’ve rolled around in fat and bad food. Cudos.

Now. The most important bit. The booze.

Over my few visits to LNV, I have had wine, cocktails, cider and spirits. Order any of their cocktails, but I love how they do their classics. My most recent Manhattan was to die for. Their wine selection if clever and purposeful, showcasing a great range and their back bar is totally impressive (I do love a good back bar!) Want cider or beer? They’ve 100% got you covered. And if you’re not sure what you want, just ask. The team is made up of some of Perth’s most talented and experienced hospitality folk.

LNV has four spaces. Upstairs, downstairs, outside and the amphitheatre. During summer, the amphitheatre is an incredible space and I cannot wait to see what crazy events they throw there. Their outside is cool, they’ve used the space really well. Enough seating, but enough space to stand and not crowd people. The benches and small tables give an air of intimacy that can be quite hard to create in what was essentially a thoroughfare.

Downstairs is a big expanse of dark corners and good drinks. Once a month they have a ping pong tournament on a Sunday (yep, you read that correctly) and the place will fill with the most random mix of people, which totally works.

Upstairs is huge and again has a heap of different spaces (The guys who own are it are really good at creating spaces within spaces). Sit at the bar, in a booth, in a corner; take your pick.

The other good thing about Late Night is the opening hours. Want a quiet drink? Head in just after 6pm. Hungry while drinking at 10pm? Order food. Want party times? Stay until 2am.

Did I just introduce you to your new favourite Highgate venue? I think I did.

Late Night Valentine can be found at 446 Beaufort Street, Highgate
and is open Wednesday – Sunday from 6pm

I originally reviewed this on Yelp. 
Check it out here.



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