Bar Liberty

Sometimes I’m a foodie; sometimes I eat rubbish. Dinner at Bar Liberty was one of the places where I put my foodie hat back on and my god was I excited to. I was spending a week in Melbourne for work and there was a host of places I was dying to try. I was taken here by a friend and I loved every second of the meal.

bar liberty

I loved the layout. You walk into the venue and there’s a corner table on your left. You walk into what I thought was the main dining area and are greeted with tables and a bar. We were guided through to a room behind the bar which had three or four tables in it. I felt like we’d been whisked away from the world, it was great. We were given the air of being in the most intimate restaurant in the world, yet we were in the middle of one of the most buzzing parts of Melbourne.

We sat down in the house come restaurant and I was greeted by a crazy glass of wine that one of my friends has ordered. It reminded me of a sherry combined with an orange wine. Weird, I know, but it was good. Oiliness is not something I usually enjoy, but it worked so well in this instance.

potatoes smoked chilli
We asked the waiter for some food recommendations and we went with a salt and pepper vegetables, beef tartare, a cheese dish, roasted pumpkin and roasted potatoes with smoked chilli.

salt and pepper
The salt and pepper vegetables were battered in a gluten free batter and the almost ridiculous level of S&P worked in a way I wasn’t expecting (it also worked really well with the wine!).

beef tartar

The beef tartar was accompanied by gluten-free crisps and was succulent, juicy and jam-packed with flavour. The roast pumpkin was my favourite dish of the night. It was covered in different flavours and textures and melted away. I combined it with the chilli potatoes and I was in vegetable heaven!

Our waiter is a known and highly experienced sommelier and the glass of rose he recommended to me after the meal tasted like the only step forward I could have taken after the crazy wine and the food we’d eaten. I was in a happy place.


This post was originally posted on Yelp. Check it out here.yelp

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