Bagel Boys

I have found my spirit food shop.

How many different bagels can there be? How many different toppings? How many different schmears? The answer? A lot. Like a freakin’ load.

I went for the Dad’s Army (jalapeño cream cheese with salami and a roast capsicum relish) on a jalapeño bagel. For $8. Yep. Eight dollars.

dads army

It was like a party in my mouth. I was actually sad when I finished it and I was even sadder when I got home and realised that I hadn’t got any takeaway. Rookie error.

This store has just added a roasted capsicum bagel that was, unfortunately, and not surprisingly, sold out by the time I got there at 11.45am.

I didn’t realise this was a chain until I was walking through the city and stumbled upon another store. At first, I was a little disappointed but then I was filled with happiness because I have more opportunities to bagel up.

I’m pretty excited to work my way through their filling and bagel combinations. The opportunities are (almost) endless.

This piece was originally published on Yelp.
You can read it here

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