Barre Body Brisbane CBD

Hmm… Fitness. Bending. Core. Touching my toes. All things that I’m not overly in tune with/good at. But I am trying, I’m trying hard to make fitness a thing that is an active (get it) part of my life, rather than something I scoff and try to avoid. So off to Barre Body I went.

barre body

I went to Barre Body in the Brisbane CBD with a colleague of mine when they were in town. She’s pretty into her fitness and I agreed to go with her. Colleague solidarity and all….

OK, so I sound super pessimistic, when in fact it was great. I really enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful, calm space. We were two of four taking part in the class so I didn’t feel silly for totally not being able to do certain things.

This space is possibly one of the most beautiful studios I have ever been to. The high ceilings, big sash windows, and simple entrance hall were inviting and comforting. The conversation was easy with the instructor pre-class which helped because I was actually quite nervous. The addition of a cup of tea before the session started helped me calm my silly nerves and gave me the extra boost of warmth and comfort that I needed to get me up and on my mat.

The class was hard and involved a variety of resistance, stretching and strength based movements. There were also heaps of options for you to up it or pull it down dependant on your ability, which I think is really important for this kind of fitness.

From simple stretches to balancing, to weights to pull ups from the floor (haha – no), I loved the mix of the ballet/pilates/yoga style movements. There were points where I was laughing, mainly because I don’t have the ability to do something yet, but I didn’t feel like I was putting people off, I felt really supported, especially by the instructor.

I will be trying it again (shock horror, I know) and hopefully, I will be in less pain for less time here therein. Seeing I felt damn good afterwards and that out wayed the muscle pain I felt over the following days, I feel I owe it to myself (and the studio) to give it another go.

This piece was originally published on Yelp. 
You can read it here.

Photo borrowed from Yelp

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