The Apo Fortitude Valley

As far as venues go, The Apo’s doing alright. And when I say “alright”, I mean they are killing it.

I’ve been to Apo a few times. It was the first venue I walked into in Qld and I was surprisingly greeted by a couple of familiar faces which added to what was to be a wonderful experience. Cocktails and good food in my home of Brisbane, I was in heaven.

negroni poured

We had a couple of cocktails downstairs to begin with as there was a function taking over upstairs. The cocktails were delicious and Pez, the bar manager, presented us with two rounds of inventive, well-crafted drinks. I had their take on a Gimlet and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. So much so that I ordered a second one rather than trying something else on their menu.

We returned later to have drinks upstairs and again, everything that we ordered was delivered with precision, care and skill. My friends and I chatted with the bar manager and further explored the menu and spirit selection. It was a great way to end a night.

A few weeks later, I returned with two colleagues for dinner. We were there early and were graced with a near empty restaurant due to some apparently important sporting event that takes over the State for three games a year.

The restaurant area of Apo is small and intimate, which was a nice change from the buzzing bar I had experienced previously. We were looking for outstanding food and thankfully, that is what was delivered, every step of the way.

The menu was an inventive list that reminded me of a garden, everything was fresh, bright and crisp. They used cheese in a really creative way. The combination of soft and creamy cheese with light vegetables. I was won over by the thin zucchini which was one of the outstanding dishes of the evening.

On top of the beautiful food and great drinks, the service was what made the evening for us. From the bottled negroni being poured at the table, to our joyful waiter who was attentive, knowledgeable and interested in making sure we had a great evening. And he succeeded.

The piece was originally published to Yelp.
You can read it hereyelp

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