The Gresham Bar, Brisbane CBD

In 2015, The Gresham won Bar of the Year at the Australian Bartender awards, an accolade that is rightly respected, especially in the hospitality industry.

It was one of the first bars I went to when I moved to Brisbane and I automatically fell in love. It’s one of my favourite venues around now. The back bar is beautiful, busy and filled with some of the world’s best spirits. Each time I visit, I am mesmerised by it AND they have a sliding ladder to reach the top shelves.


They’ve recently started doing food and I was excited to see I can go and have breakfast there. I’ve become a little bit partial to their coffee too, especially alongside a wine after a long day. From Toby’s Estate, the coffee is rich, creamy and they’ve never served me a sly espresso that I didn’t enjoy from start to finish.

The layout of the venue is pretty impressive. The room is dark and filled with wood. Small tables fill the floor, but there is also the option to sit at the bar, a luxury not found in every bar and is something that makes me feel extremely at home and connected to the venue.

fig cocktail

The cocktail, beer and wine list is creative and innovative. Cocktails with fennel, luscious wines take up the majority of the list and I am yet to make my way through even a 1/5 of it.

What brings it all together, though, is the team. From the bouncer on the weekend, to the bar staff to the venue manager, the team are experienced, knowledgeable, welcoming and kind. I have never seen them interact with a customer in any way other than positively and that really represents how passionate they are about what they do.


What should you order?

– The Fig’n’Delightful – toasted fennel vodka with fig puree and other yumminess.
– West Winds Cutlass Southside – hands down the best one I’ve ever had.


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