Brisbane: Brewski

Pizza + beer + wine + good company = one happy Alice.

Looking for a spot for lunch, Brewski was a great and easy choice. One of the few places on Caxton Street that is open during the day (during the week), Brewski offers easy foods and a bloody impressive beer list.


For lunch we had a pizza, eggplant chips and a small salad. Oddly enough, with the wine we had, it was enough to fill three of us up. After we ate, we moved outside and settled into a couple of bottles of wine and some hilarious conversations.

The event I held at Brewski was also a winner. Everyone seemed extremely happy and I was again impressed with the food. The pizza bases are thin and crispy and the toppings are balanced to a tee.

These guys are killing it when it comes to food and booze, but the stand out for me is the service. Every second I was there, the guys were helpful, knowledgeable and bloody lovely. Brewski is one where you go for the beers and stay for the service.

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