Brisbane: Hope and Anchor

So I’ve been to Hope and Anchor and I am happy to say that it’s bloody good. Walking into the neighbourhood bar (on Saturday and on another evening) I was greeted by a couple of charming bartenders and the feeling of being in an old pub. The latter which I had yet to experience in Brisbane.

Sporting four areas, the venue has something for pretty much anyone. On Saturday, it was bustling. Almost every table will filled (which is good going seeing as they only opened on the 19th) and amongst the couples and friends populating the venue, there was one big family table having dinner. It diversity of the venue was comforting and reminded me of the English pubs I spent time in growing up.

We had one quick drink on Saturday and tonight I returned to grab a quick dinner. It was quieter tonight, which suited what I was looking for.

chip sandwich.JPG

The menu, in my opinion, is spot on in size. Bat snacks, sharing sized options, sandwiches, sides and bigger plates. It’s creative, but not over the top or complicated. I opted for the chip butty, because chips in bread. Come at me. The bread came filled with shoe strings fries, black garlic mayo and homemade tomato sauce. It was crisp and saucy and… bloody perfect really.

Sitting at the bar (it’s all bar service), I chatted to the bar staff who were just the right level of attentive. I asked for a glass of red to go with my sandwich, a slightly odd pairing, I know. My glass of Pinot was light, velvety and was the perfect match.

For a venue that’s been open for an entire seven days, they’re doing something right. Wait, scratch that. Everything right.

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