Perth: Funtastico

When you have somewhere that makes you comfortable, and provides you with good food and service, it’s done its job. Funtastico in Subiaco does that. I’ve been eating there for around about seven years now and it never fails to impress. It’s an institution of Subiaco and I am glad to see that it is unchanged.

The whole menu is good and it’s always filled with groups of people laughing and having long lunches and dinners, which I think shows a great restaurant.


While I’m big into my food, I am a creature of habit so I often order the same thing. Pizza. Pizza is my thing. I have been known to eat pizza three times in a day and Funtastico always gives me a good fix. Their bases are thin and crispy and I have never been disappointed with the traditional serving of toppings.

My go to there is a margarita with tuna. Every time I order it, it comes to the table and I am automatically filled with happiness. They present really accesible Italian food well, for example the eggplant parmigana below.


Outside of the food, I like that whether it’s pumping or quiet, you get quality service and great food. I’ve eaten there when it’s heaving and I’m not distracted from the dinner I’m having. I’ve dined when it’s been almost empty and the venue has atmosphere.x

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