It’s time to write about booze again

Having recently returned to Perth for the summer/silly season, I realised that while over East, I hadn’t really been writing.

Walking the streets of Perth, I remembered why I started writing about venues and booze. Not because I wish to critique venues/bartenders/chefs or waitresses, and not because I feel my knowledge of the industry is superior to anyone else’s (it’s 100% not, believe me). I write about this stuff because I want to help people experience things and Perth is damn good at producing food and booze.

me drinking cider.jpg

If you read the backlog of pieces on this site, you’ll see that all but (I think), one or two pieces are positive. They’re not reviews, they’re opinion pieces on my experiences. Every person’s experience is different, something I love, the next person may hate, and vice versa.

me goody cider.jpg

Over the last six months, I was employed to engage people with quality brands and experiences. I did this in a cool town called Brisbane. I didn’t know anyone, I’d never set foot in the state before, and I am proud to say that I kicked some ass.
I was extremely lucky to work with incredible people and brands; Batlow Cider, Young Henrys, Gage Roads, Capital Brewing, Willie Smiths, and the team at Catchment Brewing to name just a few. On top of working with these great booze brands, I’ve also made some outstanding friends. So although the original opportunity has ended (RIP Yelp Australia), I don’t reckon I should stop trying to help people experience wicked booze and food.

me young henrys cider.jpg

With that in mind, I am setting myself a goal to start writing about all of the places I experience and love, and why. Helping someone experience something new and positive is wonderful, why would you want to flood the market with negativity? Also, booze is great. Let’s help people enjoy it.
me goody batlow.jpg
The hospitality scene in Perth, and around Australia deserves to be applauded. Some of the best booze and food in the world comes out of this country. I can not even begin to imagine how tough it has been – and currently is – to keep a venue running.
So, it’s time to eat and drink all of the food and to tell people what and where was good. I will focus a little more on drinks than on food, one because I know a little more about that and two because… well because I bleeding love booze.
There’s going to be a big focus on cider because cider = ❤️. It’s great, it can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be and there are some damn fine ciders around at the moment.
west winds gage me.jpg
There will be a bit of an update to the aesthetics of how the mod blog looks shortly, nothing major, but it will be a little easier to navigate and you’ll be able to find topics like cider (which will be a big one), pizza, Brisbane or small bars, for example, in an easier way.
I’ll keep writing while that is happening, though.
Please head over to my Facebook page and give it a like and I’d love it if you signed up to my lil ‘ole newsletter.
Happy reading and happy drinking, guys.
Cheers 🍻 alicemod.
All photos were borrowed from the Yelp Brisbane Facebook page and 
were taken by Janne Rytkonen with the exception of the last two photos, 
which are mine.

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