Reasons to visit Rockefeller



Rockefeller is the newest edition to the Beaufort Street strip. The building has had many carnations over the years and Rockefeller has turned it into a bright and spacious New York inspired deli.

Why should you choose this for your brunch spot? Well please, keep on readin’

  1. The coffee. A staple for any breakfast/brunch/lunch venue should be their coffee and the Rockefeller guys are using bloody good coffee and getting some wicked baristas to whip up my double shot espresso.
  2. Reubens. Reubens are very cool right now (and I mean the sandwich, rather than the band) and the Reuben at Rockefeller is to die for. It comes with crisps and pickles and honestly, it’s all so good I’d order each thing as a stand-alone order. Can someone please send me some crisps.


  3. Pricing. Three people can have breakfast for $25 a head. I know, that might sound steep, but it’s not. I had a bagel, two coffees, and a juice, my friends had a coffee each and a main each. That, my friends, is good value.
  4. Talk of bagels. They have so many types of bagels. And so many types of schmears. And they’re all so freaking good.


  5. That wine list, though. Not surprisingly, the wine list is pretty damn good. It covers a lot of bases, and I am aching to spend a lazy summer afternoon working my way through it. I will probs preorder an Uber before I start.
  6. The decor. The past lives of the Rockefeller building have been dark and intimate, whereas the guys have maximized on the high ceilings with lots and lots of white, making the space seem even bigger than it is. It doesn’t take away from the intimacy at all, but it makes you feel part of something even bigger.


  7. Sweet breakfasts. Now, I don’t have a sweet tooth, but when the crepes were bought to our table, I almost jump on that sweet train, throwing my lactose intolerance to the wind. Thin, thin crepes, incredible cream, and perfect fruit it was topped it.

Enjoy, Perth. You deserve it.

Rockefeller is open from 7am – 4pm Monday to Thursday and 7am – 6pm Friday – Sunday. You can visit them at 448 Beaufort Street.

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