Caboose, a new player in craft

Craft beer is everywhere. Whether you’re into sours, dark ales, IPAs or summer ales, breweries around the country and the world are pushing craft into the forefront of our drinking culture. The change in the culture of beer has, of course, trickled down into the style of venue that people are creating. The small bar revolution is still prevalent, but the focus of many venues leans towards interesting and challenging beer lists. Enter the craft beer bar.


There are many players in craft beer around Perth, but the newest addition to the team is Caboose. Taking over the space that many know as the Velvet Lounge, Caboose combines the feel of a pub with a small bar. Open spaces and dark corners, a large bar and an incredible beer list. Constantly rotating taps mean that it’ll be rare for you to get the same experience twice and they have pulled in a couple of cool characters for their first round of kegs.


Understanding that the craft beer scene also includes cider, they scored one of the first Batlow Saison cider kegs to land in WA, which for a cider lover such as myself, is one of the main attractions to the venue. Not only because I am head over heels in love with that particular funky drop, but because they understand the need for the quality and uniqueness of their cider offerings to match their beer.
Ensuring the venue is complete is well rounded is their food menu. Housing food that compliments beer and friendship, things like jalapeno poppers and breads are a focus, proving that their primary focus is and always will be, the beer.
Caboose can be found at 639 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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