The Gresham x Dead Rabbit NYC

When the best bar in the world comes to town, you get yourself there. When it comes to town to work with one of your favourite venues in the world, you get ready to party. Even if you’ve just landed back on home soil after a four-week partying holiday like I had.

gresham dead rabbit menu.jpg

Dead Rabbit NYC teamed up with The Gresham, Poor Tom’s Gin and Melbourne Moonshine for a unique evening of exceptional hospitality. Guests were greeted with Irish Coffees on arrival, a wonderful nod to the original New York namesakes.

irish coffee .jpg

The menu was created specifically for the evening. Designed in equal parts by each venue, the menu paid homage to Dead Rabbit’s current seasonal menu. It showcased the complexity and versatility of both the moonshine and gin, and of course, highlighted the creativity of the two teams working together.

my and goody gresham dead rabbit.jpg

I’m a gin fan, and I like booze in general honestly, but I was blown away with how creatively the Moonshine was used. Every sip I took was exciting and a balance of flavours I hadn’t experienced before, a testament not only to the bartenders but to the spirit they were working with.

the gresham dead rabbit .jpg

The casual elegance of the event was perfectly matched by the drinks, service and staff. It’s hard to create something that is comfortable for almost every facet of person, but without a doubt was delivered. There was no snobbiness, no cliquishness; the event upheld everything that The Gresham stands for. It was just about people having an incredible experience, accompanied by great booze. Of course, when these two came together, that was impeccably delivered

the gresham and dead rabbit.jpg


Want to visit these venues?

The Gresham
308 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD

Monday – Friday 7am – 3am
Saturday – Sunday 4pm – 3am

Dead Rabbit NYC
30 Water Street, NYC

Monday – Sunday 11am – 4am

Photos courtesy of The Gresham

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