Jimmy Rods Shave Saloon

Whisky, food and haircuts. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not done overly often. Thankfully, Jimmy Rods is here to save the day. Situated on Queen Street in the CBD, it can be a little hard to find (it’s on the first level, on the right), this gorgeous bar is exactly what Brisbane needed.

jimmy rods reuban.jpg

Although they focus on whisky, they have a wonderful selection of beers and ciders and other spirits, but I was happily engaged by their wine list. Featuring some of my favourites from my drinking times back in Perth, I am ready to work my way through each and every item on the menu.

The skill of their barbers is matched by the skill of their bartenders. The venue manager is a kick ass chick from Texas who has years of knowledge, passion and experience under her sleeves.

jimmy rods.jpg

I love the space; it’s open but doesn’t feel empty. I often find pockets of people tucked in corners or spreading out across the bigger tables. You’ll regularly find hospo folk getting their hair done and enjoying a beer after.

Jimmy’s is my little get away in the city. I set myself up at the bar, abuse the wifi, drink cider and enjoy some food. Currently, their menu hosts some delicious meaty sandwiches, a couple of bagizza’s and some to die for chicken wings. This is not a drill, these chicken wings are the best thing to hit Brisbane.

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