Brooklyn Standard

Having moved to Brisbane in the middle of last year, I was taken around by my local friends quite often and after watching some kind of footy game, we headed to Brooklyn Standard for a night cap. I have 100%, totally and completely fallen in love with this bar. I don’t know why I haven’t written about it before, it’s in my top three places in the State.


Soon I’ll be compiling a more in-depth exploration f the venue with an exploration of their menu and what is behind their service model, but until then, this is a pretty solid list of reasons why it’s such a great bar.

First off, I love the little entrance down a side street, it’s hidden, but live music is bursting out of the doors. You walk down the stairs and are greeted by an underground haven of music, dark spirits, beer and beautiful wooden furnishings.

Reasons why this bar is amazing:

  1. Live music. Could you fit more people on that stage and have them play better music? Not sure you could. And it’s incredible.
  2. The bar. It makes me happy and I want to drink all of their booze. Their back bar is beautiful. So full and so well laid out.
  3. Their bathrooms are fleek AF. Black. Mirrors. Beautiful. Yes.
  4. Jack Daniels. All of the Jack Daniels.
  5. The bar staff are super great. Fun, laid back but hard working. They make everyone feel special and welcome. They’re talented, knowledgeable and they make this bar what it is.
  6. Jalapeno poppers. Recently, Brooklyn added food to their offerings and their jalapeno poppers are legit some of the best I’ve ever had.
  7. Clientele. They’re all for the fun and totally chilled out. They’re there for good booze and wicked times. What more could you want from a party bar?

jalapeno poppers

Go there. Enjoy. You’re welcome.


Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Standard

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