Interview: Elli Schoen

Elli Schoen is a name you need to know. This girl takes indie folk and makes it hers. When you put her behind a guitar, magic literally happens. 100% beautiful, melodic, haunting, wizardry.

The QLD born singer-songwriter currently resides in WA and you can find her writing songs and hanging out in Fremantle. After a national tour last year and a spot at Fall Festival in Fremantle, she has recorded her EP in Melbourne and is heading off around the country with her band.

Reviews of her music have only brought praise. When Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe heard her single, Gold Mess, he noted; “She’s been building towards something big for the last little while and looks ready to grab her moment“.  Tonedeaf commented,“If there’s one thing Australia’s music scene needs more of, it’s genuinely talented indie folk artists like Elli Schoen.” Fellow singer-songwriter and all around WA legend and performer, Abbe May said “Elli Schoen is not just one to watch. She is THE one to watch. Magnificent melody, broken and beautiful.

This week, Elli Schoen is taking to the stage in Brisbane and Melbourne. FYI – her she drinks tequila, soda, lime. She’s the pioneer of the new-age skinny-bitch. Give her a high five. Ahead of her east coast EP dates, I caught up with her to chat about touring with the band, playing with music hot shots and her writing inspiration.

Elli Schoen - Web 10

You’ve just come off the back of supporting Amy Shark and Tash Sultana, two of the biggest up and coming names in Australian music and you recently supported Ronan Keating. What has it been like to work with such incredible songwriters and performers?

It has been amazing to work with artists that l love listening to and getting the opportunity to know them personally.

Where are you most looking forward visiting during this tour?

As a Queensland-born girl, I love Brisbane but I’m also looking forward to playing in Melbourne because I have some really close friends there that I can’t wait to see.

You’ve just released an EP which you recorded in Melbourne, what was the writing and recording process like for you?

I wrote the songs on an acoustic guitar in Perth and then travelled to Melbourne to record and produce them with Joel Quartermaine.  I get more nervous recording than I do performing, but it was great working with Joel because he brought out the best in my music. I learnt so much from him, and feel like the experience has helped me become a much stronger songwriter.

What were your inspirations for this EP?

On a musical basis, my inspiration came from a diverse range of artists ranging from Big Scary to Johnny Cash. The subject of my songs is inspired by my personal experiences with love, loss, and growing up.

Elli Schoen - Web 11

After this tour, what can we expect from you?

My song Gold Mess is getting a lot of love from America. It would be a dream come true to travel, perform and record an album there.

You were in Brisbane late last year, are you happy to be back, what are you looking forward to doing while you’re here?

Of course, I am happy to be back! Brissy was my favourite part of the tour last year, the weather was amazing, and I fell in love with the city. My three brothers and my Mum live in Queensland, so it will also be a great opportunity to catch up with them all.

What can a newbie to you expect from your gig?

The band’s onstage chemistry has really come together in the last few months so expect some powerful sounds and fun times for all!

When you’re not writing, performing or working, what could we find you getting up to?

Cooking and painting and when I’m not doing that I’m catching up with all my beautiful girl gang.

If you had an unlimited rider, what would three things you’d include on it?

Tequila, tequila, tequila.


Where can you see Elli?

Thursday 25th May 8pm
The Marly Bar, 145 King Street, Newtown, New South Wales 2042

Friday 26th May 8pm
Bistrotheque, 339 Brunswick St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4006

Saturday 27th May 8.30pm
The Workers Club, 51 – 55 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 3065
Tickets here

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