YouFoodz Journey 101.

Let a new food journey begin.

I love to cook, but I find with my busy lifestyle (and laziness) I often find myself eating crappy takeout, especially during the day. I also have a lot of dietary issues (milk, soy, white rice, eggs) and while I can handle small bits of each of these things, I’m finding it harder and harder to escape them while eating on the run. So I’ve decided to explore You Foodz.

check how good I did with this flat lay! It’s only taken me a couple of years to almost master it!

This isn’t about weight loss, it’s about being healthier and looking after myself. I’m combining seven youfoodz meals a week with a minimum of two gym sessions a week. I’m super interested to see the results. As I said, I’m not looking to lose weight, but I want to start making sure my body is a nurtured as the part of me that has fun. (And I sure know how to nurture the fun-loving part of me!)

My delivery arrived and I was (sadly) a little excited. I’d heard good things about their food and I’ve been keen to try it. I got home and unpacked my box was surprised to find some YouFoodz cutlery, a complimentary palate cleanser and protein ball and a free meal. Thanks, YouFoodz!

I’d had a specific recommendation for the Loaded Burrito Bowl so that’s what I started with.

Burrito-Bowl-700x700-5_900x.jpg(I borrowed this image from YouFoodz as I forgot to take a photo yesterday. Don’t judge me, I was hungry)

Charred chicken, sweetcorn and bean salsa, quinoa and brown rice, plus pea-guac. (Yep, you read that correctly, Pea Guacamole). I heated it up in the microwave and in 90 seconds, I was devouring it. I’m big into black pepper and spice, so before I even tasted it, I chucked on more black pepper than anyone else could stomach, plus a healthy dollop or six of sriracha.

I was pleasantly surprised. It needed a spice and seasoning kick, but I think that’s a personal preference. My big thing is that wasn’t overly salty. I don’t each much salt at all and that’s my biggest issue with ready “healthy” meals, they taste like I’m eating a bag of salt.

My body also had no adverse reactions to the food (insert happy dance here), which is one of the biggest reasons for my going on this YouFoodz journey – because I’m sick of eating crap that makes me ill. It didn’t keep me full for as long as I’d have liked, but I’d also just come off a big a party hard birthday weekend in Perth, so my body was craving healthy things and lots of food.

spag bol.jpg

Wednesday is spag bol day. I’m working all day and all night so I wanted something a bit hearty and filling to get me through. I’m also doing a wine tasting at 3pm and I’d prefer not to get pissed off two tastings. Pasta it is.

As per usual, I added a heap of spice (I went with Mexican chilli powder this time, as you can see above) and it was pretty delicious. I added the parmesan cheese that came with the dish and tucked in. I would have liked a little more pasta, but I might combat the amount of sauce by adding some veggies next time. In my opinion, if I add more goodness to these meals, I get extra brownie points for being healthy and treating my body like a temple (more brownie points totally means I can drink as much bloody Jamesons as I want!)

spag bol close up.jpg

All in all, I’m impressed by the offerings so far and I’ve saved at least $25 by not buying crappy lunches and snacks. That, my friends, is such a bloody win. I also really like that I can grab from the fridge and run to work. It’s making my mornings a little easier.

What will I eat tomorrow? WHO KNOWS!? The opportunities are endless (well, almost endless, there are six options in my fridge). Fingers crossed they’re as impressive as the first couple of days have been.

Happy eating everyone!

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